Permission to Love It

“I’m so tired! My baby was up every two hours last night.” “My baby’s new thing is scream as loud as possible for as long as she has breath.” “Another blow out diaper! GRR.” Sound familiar? It’s so easy to have negative things to say about being a mom. Recently I was caught up in casual complaining about my day-to-day then something changed. Continue reading Permission to Love It

The Best Advice I Received Postpartum

It’s simple, but “Be Kind to Yourself” is the best advice I received postpartum. Having a baby has changed and expanded nearly every relationship in my life, but my relationship with myself has been the hardest to adjust to. Comparing myself to other people is usually not a good idea, but comparing myself to myself usually leads to constructive goal setting. Now, comparing my mom-self to my pre-baby self is discouraging and I’ve had to re-adjust. Continue reading The Best Advice I Received Postpartum